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PC Technology is a proprietary platform of innovative materials that can improve the biocompatibility and performance of medical devices through reduced:

  • protein deposition and activation
  • blood activation and thrombus formation
  • bacterial adhesion and biofilm deposition
  • inflammatory response
  • capsule formation
In addition, PC coatings offer versatile solutions for controlled drug delivery.

All PC products are stable, non-toxic and bio-inert materials with simple application and processing methods, which makes them easy to integrate into existing manufacturing processes.

All PC products have either FDA material master files or Vertellus Technical Files that have been assembled using FDA guidelines. Customers are provided with an FDA letter of access to our master files or use our own Technical Files in the preparation of their regulatory submissions. This increases speed to market and in the case of US submissions, the 510(k) route can often be taken (depending upon device classification).

Typical PC coatings and bulk materials are shown in the table below, which also outlines their individual characteristics and typical medical device applications.

PC Description Characteristic Applications
PC1036'Standard' cross-linked PC coatingHigh durability drug delivery matrixDrug-eluting stents, urology, otology etc
PC1059 'Standard' non cross-linked PC coating Stable through hydrophobic surface interactions Guide wires, CPB systems, blood processing devices
PC2118 Cross-linked PC coating with very high level of PC Coating yields self-priming surfaces Blood filtration and processing
PC1062 Cross-linked PC coating with low level of positive charge Binds heparin to form anti-thrombogenic coating Blood filtration and processing
PC2028 Cross-linked PC coating with high level of positive charge Matrix for delivery of high Mw drugs Drug-eluting stents
PC1071Vinyl functional in-mould PC coatingApplied to curable materials e.g. silicones Otology
PC1015 Cross-linked PC hydrogel Bulk material for moulding Contact lens
PC2083 Flexible PC hydrogel with high refractive index Bulk material for moulding Contact lens

Biocompatible PC gel systems are also under development for tissue bulking applications to compensate for loss of mass, shape or elasticity.

Vertellus is constantly adding to this list and is also developing materials for applications outside the healthcare area where the unique hydration and anti-fouling features of PC can bring benefits.